Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love is Supreme

The greatest thing on Earth, if each of us will ever achieve is simply to love and to be loved in return.

Love, it is the most fundamental passion which is the force to keep the human together, family, friends, associates, community, clan, and the society.
The failure to achieve love means insanity or destruction – self destruction – or destruction of others, and humanity will not exist for a day.

Love is an action, the practice of human power only in freedom and never as the result of compulsion behaviour.
The definition of love is an activity, not a passive affect; it is a “standing in”, not falling for and in the most general way, the active character of love can be described by stating that love is primarily giving and not receiving.

Giving is more joyous than receiving not because It is a deprivation, but because in the act of giving lies the expression of potency which at the same time experiencing strength, wealth and power.

It is not difficult to recognise the validity of this principle and the most elementary example lies in the sphere of sex.

The culmination of the male sexual function lies in the act of giving; the man give himself, his sexual organ, to the female which at the moment of orgasm he gives semen to her. He cannot help it if he is potent and if he cannot give he is impotent.

As for the female, the process is not different, although is more complex, she give herself too, by opening the gates to her feminine centre and in the act of receiving, she also gives. If she is incapable of the act of giving and can only receive, than she frigid.
Another important sphere of giving however is not of giving material things such as money, gifts, or valuable items, but lies in the specifically human realm.

What does one person give to another?
He can give his most precious possessions, his life, which does not necessary mean that he sacrifice his life for others, instead by giving his knowledge, joyfulness, understanding, humour, all expression and manifestation. This act of giving enriches and enhances the other person sense of aliveness.

Specifically regarding the sphere of love which means; love is the power to produce love; impotence is the inability to produce love.
This thought has been beautifully expressed by Marx: “ASSUME,” he quoted, “man as man, and his relation to the world as a human one, and you can exchange love only for love, confidence for confidence, etc.

If you wish to enjoy art, you must be an artistically trained person; if you wish to have influence on people. You must be a person who has a really stimulating and furthering influence on other people. Every one of your relationships to man and to nature must be a definite expression of your real, individual life corresponding to the object of your will. I f you love without calling forth love, that is, if your love as such does not produce love, if by means of an expression of life as a loving person you do not make of yourself a loved person, then your love is impotent, a misfortune”

But not only in love does giving means receiving, the teacher is taught by the student, the actor is stimulated by the audience, the psychoanalyst is cured by his patient and provided they do not treat each another as objects, but are related to each another genuinely and productively.
It is hardly necessary to stress the fact that the ability to love as an act of giving depends on the character development of an individual.

It presuppose the attainment of s predominantly productive orientation, the wish to exploit others, or to hoard and has acquired faith in his own human power, courage to rely on his power in the attainment of his goals.
To the degree that these qualities are lacking, he is afraid of giving himself, hence of loving and beyond the element of giving, the active character of love becomes evident in the fact that it always implies, certain basic elements, common to all forms of love which compose of care, responsibilities, respect and knowledge.

When we loved another person, it is the meeting of two energy system, different from one another, yet at the same time being much attracted.
To truly love is to receive a hint of bliss and awakening the happiness of another person becomes an essential of our very own.

Love is supreme; the ultimate expression of humanity, enlightening the accessing path to wisdom, love gives in a blaze, the insight and understanding, love touches the untouchable, heals which unable to heal.
Looking at love is like a beautiful bud, which cannot be forced into blossom, but whose eventual blossoming makes the garden a place of enchantment.

If love is true and real, in regardless whatever or whoever we loved, whether that is a person, belief or a god, it has no pinnacle or stagnant point, it is like the immeasurable sea and is an act of endless forgiveness, unbreakable tenderness that transform loving habits.
And despite the common saying that “love is blind” is actually not blind at all, it sees everything, willingly and the ability to see without judgement, only as they in their natural state.

Love is more than a feeling, it is essentially a choice to step into accelerated consciousness, if you want to experience love, make a firm decision to love and to be serene.
Do not wait to feel worthy of love, for we cannot perform anything that can make us worthy of love, which is an offering to us from life, which cannot be earned or given, it exists in all things and can only be recognised and received.

What is authentic love?
Authentic love is a state of communion with all things under the sun, and when it happens that is no control or outcome. Yet love does have a strategy, it is to make sure that every creature knows love and to be supported by it.
When you allow yourselves to love, your life will change dramatically, the heart soften and open to mindfulness and in this enchanted state you will see many aspects of your life differently, making wiser choice following the path of serenity.

It is compassion that brings us the opportunity to love; therefore if you wish to take the path towards love it is necessary to understand the nature of compassion.
Compassion is not love; it’s the absolute wisdom of kindness that knows the essence of human sufferings, whereas love is joyful, mindfulness and the fruitfulness of a union.

The actual power of compassion is to transform fear into love without any border of obstruction, or insecurity. To further understands compassion, one have to release blames and self blames to create an inner trust where it enlighten the awareness, openness of your troubled heart, therefore allowing you to know your true nature, where contain fearless and endless love.
When facing earthly troubles in life, one has to remember that you are simply being initiated into the mysteries of love, only by promoting calmness, problems will be solved and the mystery will reveal by itself.

In such moment, the truth will be revealed, real endless love is like the fragrant of rare flowers, that is sweet, as well as being strong and is just beyond falling in love with someone or something, it’s a miracle and capable of creating miracles.
Two mistakes can be make while searching for the meaning of love; the first is not being prepared to do the necessary work and secondly failing to take the first and most important step; the awakening of love.

Nothing will move forward if one does not takes this two steps; for a person of wisdom lives by doing, not by thinking about doing; Assumptions arrived through analysis, reason and deliberation have very little influence in altering the course of our lives, whereas actions are capable of moving mountains.

In the turbulence of life the most influential actions of our life that will decide the whole of our future are often unthinkable because we are so used to not trusting our inner selves that we allow life to dictate our living path.
Look at every path life has taken place with much scrutiny and with intent, then ask yourself this fundamental question; has this path a true spirit?

If it has, then the path is skilful and true and if it has not then discard them with compassion and start to make new choices, by taking such actions, the meaning of the wholesome can be found and to be corrected as soon as possible.
Now secondly, to awake love, it requires to treat all life and our fellow human being as equal, remember in the world of rage, nobody is significant enough to make you angry, if given the choice and all prime energy is created by our heart.